Help with new radiator shroud


Jul 10, 2008
I just bought a new replacement oem plastic left side radiator shroud for my 2005 kdx200. The screw holes are at least a 1/2" out from lining up. The old one broke in a fall on a trail ride, it was always hard to take on and off anyway. I believe it was under stress from having to stretch to get it bolted on. This was the original shroud as the bike was almost new when I bought it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, I do not want this to happen again.



Jan 8, 2009
look at the flanges that come off the frame to the radiator my buddy had the same problem a few years ago he bent one of the tabs that come off the frame and nothing would line up right.. if its that he fixed it by taking the radiator off and used a torch heated up the flange and bent it back then made a support to brace but remember a radiator is like $300 to replace and that flange may help take some of the force so the radiator dont bend or brake
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