Mar 3, 2000
The right lower fork leg on my '97 KDX220 (conventional forks) has a large dent in it. The 'dent' looks like possibly a sprocket hit it. The dent looks deep from the outside, and on the inside, it forced a small dent in the wall of the leg. This happened before I got the bike (about a year and a half ago). I just took the forks apart tonight and found the inside dent. I never noticed it on the bike, but the dent causes the forks to stick as they pass over it. The dent has also worn the teflon off the lower bushing. Now for the question. How do I clean the dent from the inside of the leg? I planned to JB Weld the outside, then try to hone the inside. I used a ball hone on a battery powered drill, and didn't get anywhere. I was thinking a cylinder hone may work better, any suggestions?


May 3, 2001
Yes, a small stone brake hone will work. I have one with a short rod hooked to it and use a drill to get those small dents out. Do this and put new bushings in and your set.


Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
I'm going to add that you do it in a cutting oil bath, or solvent bath. This will help prevent the stone from loading up. A zircinium abbrasive will give the best cut and is least likely to load up. AL is really greasy in terms of metal charateristics.

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