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Oct 23, 2000
You Know me! Always got a question.

How can I/we make our 5-6 day stay at Casey any better?

No I'm not gonna bring steaks, nor air mattresses for everybody. I just figured that there are some things (besides bringing every spare part I can think of) that we could each make a contribution towards. I mean, I know that there are times that my hands/monkey rear are not gonna be able to take the abuse of a trail/track lap. And I may just get tired of sitting around one day. So I figured I could be a helpful lad and make my self useful. So can ya think of anything I can volunteer for. (Excluding emptying the waste tanks of your all's mobiles?

P.s. I'm on my buddies shop's computer. Thats why I posting on the non 9-5 hour. (read: other than cincinnati work time)
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Jan 4, 2000
I'll leave the official reply to Okie, but come with a good attitude , a :) on your face, and ready for a good time. Thats all we ask!

If we are short on help for a particular event we will let ya know!


My Contribution to the Cause:

Here's what I am going to do: I will bring several packs of adhesive letters that everyone can use to help identify themselves. I already made a name plate and put it on the back of my chest protector. Anyone can use them to label their number plates, helmets, chest protectors or whatever. I will bring black and white, they also have symbols and punctuation. Just look me up when you get there or I may put up a sign and everyone can help themselves. Better still, I may put them on the table at "Command Central" in between the tour buses. I may also bring some of those "Hello, My Name Is" stickers if I can find them.
That was somewhat of an issue last year not knowing too many people by sight. So many new faces and names to remember! Far too taxing on my walnut-sized brain!!;)
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Apr 21, 2000

I definately agree that we need to be able to slap our screen names somewhere on ourselves... excellent idea! :confused:

What types of "activities" when on at last year's SF? Just wondering if we are going to brainstorm some new activities for this year's MWSF? Lke were there team races, cooking contests - like a chili cook off, bingo (big hit at Loretta Lynn's), balloon toss, scavenger hunt... etc???


Re: Great Idea.

I can't take credit for the idea. I read a post that had suggested the idea several weeks ago. I liked it and made a name tag for the back of my chest protector and it turned out pretty good. Now people call me by name when they're screaming for me to move over!

As far as events, last year there were poker runs (day and night), mx races for all skill levels and a team harescramble. There was an MX school by Wardy and A.J. There were going to be more clinics for suspension and engine tuning (I think) but time ran out, if I remember correctly. I believe there will be a huge effort this year to make sure all the events/clinics get plenty of time alloted for them. Go here: for more info if you haven't already seen it.
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