I did a trick in the air.....But what was it!


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Oct 23, 2000
Just to set the stage:
I was at the track about 2 weeks ago. It was the first time on the track since fall. I have never been able to make myself go over any of the doubles before. This time I took one slow "ride over the jumps" lap and came up to the first double, sized it up, and said WHATS THE BIG DEAL. So I hit it.... it was cake. So I hit it again and again like 10 times in a row. I realize I had alot more time to waist while I was in the air. So on the last jump I was ofcourse standing up, hit the face of the jump and as I was in the air I took my right foot off the peg and swung my leg over the seat complete and back again barly in time to land. What the heck was it? My buddies were pokeing fun at me and called it a Nac. Does it even have a name. One last thing. I AM NOW ADDICTED TO WOODS AND TRACK

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May 5, 2000
if you don't do them right they are called NICNACs. Then you go "paddywhack" when you land w/o your foot on the peg. :p

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