Dec 31, 1969
1) I should have suggested that those using paypal enter their shirt size and forum nickname in the comment field (in paypal).

2) The mail-in form included this, but not paypal.


1) all mail-in forms (Lifetime) will ship tomorrow, UNLESS you requested a XXL T Shirt. I will hold the delivery until I have this size... 2-3 weeks? Maybe sooner.

2) All of the members that signed up for one year of support; your fender stickers and freebie stickers are going out USPS tomorrow. This is paypal and mail-ins.

3) I can't ship any of the "lifer" memberships until I know what shirt size to send :( ..... so....

Please email me with your required shirt size and make SURE to include your REAL name in the email. This is how I can cross ref. the order.

I'll begin shipping as soon as I get the info.

Also... more stock on hats has been ordered, we are in the process of placing the new tshirt order. I will run out of current stock before everyone gets shipped, there will be a slight delay while I'm waiting for the inventory. Fear not, your product will get there!!

Thanks for the patience and support!~
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