May 9, 2007
And didn't notice much loss in power. Then again, I am not some off road super rider or stunt master-I am just a guy who likes to ride. Yes I have the burley mid pipe and once had the FMF stinger which was obnoxious. Like stupid obnoxious. I can now ride my kdx in my neighborhood without the folks giving me evil looks.

This seems like a no braining. Get a great mid pipe but keep the stock stinger. Am I missing something here?

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Thank you for keeping your stock system.

I replaced the expansion chamber on my KTM 200 when I tacoed the pipe at Moab a few years back. I kept the stock silencer and the end result is a bit more mid, without any noticable increase in sound.
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