Sep 23, 2003
I have just obtained an 82 175 KDX, its pretty rough but the motor runs okay. I am planning on tidying the bike up a bit but don't know where to go to find any info i.e. fork oil quantity, spark plug grade e.t.c.



Aug 20, 2002
E-mail me directly and I will do my best to answer your questions. I have a manual for an '82 that I use on my '80. They are essentially identical. In June, I spent a week in Colorado and had a blast with my 175. There are a lot of parts, and occasional manuals, available on eBay, but some times you need to be patient. Like all of the KDX's be sure to check the play in the swingarm and steering head bearings.

I have a crack around the neck of my gas tank. Any chance you have or know of anyone with a spare. I may try to repair it with JB Weld. Any other ideas?
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Mar 13, 2003
yeah ebay seems to be your best bet, re parts and manuals.

however, in australia (for anyone in oz), there is this magnificent second hand/new motor book shop, which has literally thousands of new and second hand manuals/books. workshop manuals too, as well as clymer and haynes manuals...

They are called "Wheels Of Time". Located at 10 Clow Street, Dandenong. Victoria, 3175. Australia. (Telephone +61 3 9792 3944). I'm sure they do mail order too.

I had stumbled on this shop after searching for fast food one day, and found an original workshop manual for my 1984 model KDX200-B1. For AUS$25, it was mine. Highly recommended.


Aug 21, 2003
I have a owners manual to spare... If you're interested, email me @ If needed, I can take copies of a Clymers manual too.
Just for the record: I thought the 175 was only produced in 1981 and 1982. Yours might be a late registry... Or am I wrong?

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