Instant Power

YZ Teacher

What a great product!

I just got mine installed today and wow what a difference. Never before I have had such acceleration, middle punch, and top end speed! What is it you ask? Well nothing more than a wristkit. How does it work? Well you simply focus on your right wrist and hand as you ride, and when you need power and performance you twist your wrist back toward your body! It is as easy as that! Just twist the wrist! You can pick up your wristkit at any MX shop, simply walk up to the parts counter and ask for your very own wristkit!

The wristkit encourages all riders to ride within their ability levels and to not abuse the wristkit. Please use caution with this high performance product.

I really need to stop watching late night t.v. Thanks for a fun website and Eric Gorr thanks for a great book. Tomorrow I am upgrading my powerband to a yellow one. The purple was too powerful. :)


Baked Spud
Be damn sure you remove your wristkit before you shower. :)
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -