Is Gary Semic's schools worth the money?

hey i was going to buy a 250 but stupid me im not that good!
so i was considering a Gary Semic's mx school.

it didnt say on the web site how much it is or how long the instruction period is. so, how much is it and how long does it last?
is it worth the time and money?

thanks in advance for any information.

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IMO, it is well worth it. You happen to be right near the authorized teacher in your area. Ike DeJager lives somewhere near Raleigh and trains people at several different tracks in the area. He also travels around and does one and two day classes at different tracks throughout North and South Carolina. (He might go even farther, but I know he at least does all of those 2 states.

You will learn 50 things when you go. Even if you only remember one or two, it will be well worth it. When you show up, be ready to learn. Bring a sturdy bike stand (so you can use it to hold the bike while he teaches you proper body positioning), enough tools to adjust all of the controls (bar and lever positions, brake pedal height, shifter position, etc), and a notepad to take notes.

Ike has always impressed me as a teacher. Some people think teaching is demonstrating how well they can do something. Ike likes to see how well he can get *you* to do something. He is an incredible rider, but I've seen him go through a full day of class without ever getting on a bike himself.

I'm not sure of the exact price, but I think it is somewhere around $75 per day per person for group instruction. He keeps the classes small enough that you will get personal attention.

Check out and for more information.

I've been before and I will go again.
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Thats the kind of glowing report we need.
I emailed Ike today to get his 2001 schedule.
Thanks again.

High Lord Gomer

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You're welcome! (Can you tell that Ike impressed me? :))

I forgot to mention another long as you're not an overly fat slob like me (oops, I mean, if your shadow doesn't make your bike sag), I'd stay with the 125. Personally, I think riding a 125 makes you a better rider because you have to be much more in tune with keeping the motor where it makes its best power and proper clutch usage to do so. A 250 can make you lazy because the power will compensate for a lot of mistakes by the rider.
Thanks gomer, thats one reason i wanted to stay 125
also if i wanna race if i dont starting on a 125 would be easier.

im off to see ike!
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I just went to gary semics school at his home track in Ohio. It was, in a wrod AWESOME. It cost me about 200 a day wiht bike rental, more for the flight out there. I believe is is 100 a day.
They teach many techniques and I really learned alot. I can start and go through the whoops almot as fast as gary and I have video to prove it. My corner speed is at least twice as fast though.

A couple of catches;
1)You must be willing to learn.
2)You must have enough ability to be able to do the techniques they teach while you are concentrating on riding. For example, alot of people in the class did not even attempt to do gary's techniques after repitition of them. They did not have the skill to do them.
3)You MUST listen intensely, ask questions, be alert, and DON'T interrupt.

The most important of the above is #2. The parents of the kids that did not try to do the techniques really just threw their money away on the course. What a waste. The kids did not seem to leave with anything more than when they entered.

If you are ready, go for it.
If you have the money, I would recomend going to Gary's home track. He has some specially made sections to help with special techniques and the track was watered and groomed ALL day. No rocks, perfect dirt.
i cant afford to fly to ohio (or anywhere for that matter)
but i can afford a couple hour drive a 100dollars a day, and hotel/food for a 2 day period

so i think i'll do that =]

i think i can consentrate on riding and learning, i did it after having the bike for 2 weeks, i dont see why this would be too much different.



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Sounds like a bargain to me. I know his book is gr8.
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ya his book taught me proper position. i was sitting back, elbows down, and everything else wrong.

and i wondered why i couldnt even do turns in middle of first w/o whiping out.