Is there a way to prevent gouging shock nuts?

Buzz Bomb

May 9, 2000
My friend just got a 2001 CR250 and needs to set his sag. I told him to use a screwdriver or something and a hammer to move the adjuster nuts, but he doesn't want to gouge them with the scredriver. Don't ask me why he is so anal about this. How does everyone else do this?

Max Factor

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Oct 18, 2000
There's a proper tool for this job. It's a large open ended 'C' wrench with a lug on it that you slip over the nut and it fits into the details on the preload adjuster ring. Turn and you're set.
Your bike shop should sell them or internet places like crapparel or motion pro have them.


Oct 9, 2000
I just use a big long steel punch with some creative shaping on the end to make it work well. The proper tools are okay, but the subframe has to be off to use them.


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
I've never owned a proper "spanner". It may be possible to move the nut by hand. <shrug> I can move my WP by hand, that is after I've loosened the locking screw. :D
If he's really worried about it, tell him to take the shock off the bike, wrap the ring in cloth and turn it with a pair of 440 Channel Locks. He's going to hate the first time he bites the dust on that pretty bike!:)

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