Is there a word for this kind of riding?


Jun 21, 2001
Have you noticed that after a 'get off' theres a strong instinct to get back on and ride a little bit- even if you hurt yourself a bit or broke off a lever or whatever? In all the crashes I've been in and in all the ones I've witnessed its always the same: 'no crash is gonna make a wuss out of me!' ..and off they go- blood dripping off a shredded elbow, brake cable dangling, front fender tweaked, etc.

Anyway I wondered how often this happens and if theres a name for it.. 'post trama riding disorder' ? :)


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Aug 24, 2000
I believe the medical students call it:

Post Traumitic Endorphine/Adrenaline Rush. You crash, your body and brains are now flooded with endorphine and adrenaline, making for all the more enjoyable ride, because you are not only numb, but pumped up at the same time. I know people that have died from trying to attain that feeling with illegal drugs. SAD


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Nov 24, 2000
Originally posted by RoosteR13
I believe the medical students call it:

Post Traumitic Endorphine/Adrenaline Rush. You crash, your body and brains are now flooded with endorphine and adrenaline, making for all the more enjoyable ride, because you are not only numb, but pumped up at the same time.

i experienced this once. i did a faceplant. i broke my left arm and my collarbone on the right side. i was able to jump up, run off the track, sit down and take my goggles off. a few minutes later, i couldn't even get up, much less lift my arms... weird feeling.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Yep, those endorphins keep the muscles pumped and the adrenaline keeps the heart rate going. Last time I endowed, I blew my knee. I didn't realise it till after the moto. Loaded bike, went home, cooled off...couldn't walk!
I was on crutches for three weeks and no way could I ride.
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Jun 21, 2001
Yeah, it reminds me of this time I was riding with a guy and he endoed hard on an XR650. As we were loading up he asked if I didnt want to ride some more? ..but we stopped for a burger on the way home and it was weird to know that this guy was going to be in pain pain pain in a short while, but it just hadnt caught up with him yet. I even think HE realized this. Kind of like a 'dead man walking' situation. Sure enough, next day he called in sick from work and payed a visit to the emergency room, just to make sure his hip wasnt cracked (!)

But its a great feeling! numb + adrelaline


Jul 1, 2000
For me riding after injury/endo is necessity. Got to get back to truck, usually 5+ miles out. After that take massive amounts of motrin, rest and ride some more:D Hate to drive 3 hours for short weenie ride, pain hits next day anyway.


Apr 2, 2001
I did this last Tuesday on the 26th. I was ripping down this narrow slick trail in 4th gear with my bald michelin rear tire. I just about ended up in the bushes many times because my rear end was all over the place. Then finally it happened, i hit a little root that kicked my rear end out, which made me do a 270 on this narrow track. And of course i was on the ground while this happened.I busted my clutch perch into pieces, but i didn't brake my lever:think . I also scraped my left arm, and busted my brand new fox shin guards(the left one).I got up and we continued on and i rode for another couple of hours with no clutch.I guess it's time to put that new M-12 tire in my bedroom on!. It was a fun day though!:cool:
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Jul 31, 2000
I noticed a strange phenomenon the other day though, well it's been a few weeks back.
It was raining, and I had taken a wrong turn and was trying to catch up with my bud, knew there was a down tree up ahead and it'd be slick, but I hit it 3rd pinned anyway, over the bars, bruised hip/rib from clipping the bars and did a perfect tuck and roll. I'm laying on the ground and normally I'd get right up before the bike died but something told me to lay there a minute. Seemed odd because I didn't hurt and I never did figure out why. It's still puzzling..
Aug 6, 2000
In my last crash (the nut cracker one) I layed on the ground for a few minutes got back up and tried starting my bike (I gave a good 20 or 30 kicks) but it didn't start so I pushed in back to my house. When I changed I noticed I couldn't lift my legs up or my right shoulder, and whole body was sore.

I look back on it and try to figure out how I could have lifted my bike back up, kicked so many times, then end up pushing it home.


Mar 17, 2001

I don't know about you guys, but when I take a hard one I get the bike up get it started ride to the truck and whimper like a baby while my wife scolds me for trying to get to wild on the track. Picture this Kx 125 full case out on a timing double off of a table top, bike goes horizontal and so do I. The wife is watching in horror as she sees me go out of sight in this fashion, then a big red cloud of dust (I live in south GA red clay all over the place). I pull myself out from under the heep and dust myself off, then I go to the truck and try to play it off like it doesn't hurt wife see's right through it and I hear about it for days. I guess the moral of the story is it's OK to whimper, just don't let the wife or friends or enemies or kids or anyone else see you do it. Motorcrossers are like just about all other creatures they will eat their young and dieing too.

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May 4, 2001

It never fails... Whenever I wipe out I always manage to knock the wind out of myself. Ive seen people get up and ride with all kinds of injuries... but it seems like when you lose your breath you cant move at all. Just kinda roll around on the ground and moan :eek: Strange...
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