Mar 25, 2001
i went riding thing i knew my bike quit a mile away from home. i said what the heck. i kicked once and NO compresion. so i pushed it home. took it all apart. looked in the exaust hole and saw that my rings had seized up and my piston had a chunck out of it. so i took the engine all apart today and there is a slight wear-in spot on the cylinder. so i was thinking, should i just hone it out and call it good or should i get a whole new cylider(like i have that kinda money!)? also what kinda piston shoudl i get?thanx for the help.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001

A slight wear mark? What does that mean? If the piston failed & there is no damage to the plating yeah sure throw another piston in it. But if any of the plating is damaged it’ll pick up in no time so is false economy. If unsure take it to a decent mechanic as impossible to diagnose without seeing it. I never hone plated cylinders, just scotchbrite them. A normal hone is too imprecise I feel.

One question would be why & how did the piston fail? If there is a chunk out of it -did it suffer detonation? & is there aluminium smeared all about the place? That ‘wear mark’ could be piston ally & can be removed with caustic soda on a rag over night.

Warning Caustic soda is not to be messed with without precautions. Even though you can buy it from the local supermarket wear glasses & gloves. Avoid getting it over aluminium surfaces you don’t want to eat away. Dangerous stuff near skin & eyes!

Why did it detonate or seize should be investigated. ie airleak, lean, timing etc.

Or did the piston crown separate from the rest of the piston?
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