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Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
Don't be afeared of dem wimmin! You're only speakin' the truth with that link, Taraker!:p

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
I think that article must be a joke. Some people may have lived that way in the '50's, but c'mon, that stuff is just too funny! Can anyone verify that this is a reprint of an actual article?


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Taraker, are ya so ascared of us that you messed the link up?? Maybe your subconscious doesn't really want us to see it. :eek:


Jan 30, 2000
Hey, hold ma beer, dem wimmen don't look too dangerous. What can a few little skirt wearing honeys do anyway. They know who the boss is, right? Proly just talking about cookie recipes or dresses.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
My wife and I got a pretty good laugh at some of the rules (love the one where he gets to stay out all night without explanation). But between the lines there are some tips in the article that might help today's women understand men better. I refuse to elaborate.

XRP and Taraker talk a tough game, but I'll bet their li'l women don't really follow anymore than 1/2 of those rules! ;)

I better stop there, but that article certainly has some good material for fanning the flames in the eternal 'war' between the sexes.


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Oct 23, 2000
You're a brave man. Nothing turns me into a fire-breathing Amazon, or, in the words of my high school gym teacher a "rip-snorting feminist" like being told where my place is!


Aug 13, 1999
It was quite entertaining. But I prefered GSR's rendition much better.:p

Dave, that thought crossed my mind actually as I read the article. But I don't think it applies only to women. Everyone could benefit from trying to keep the home a peaceful, relaxing and inviting place (Look out it's MARTHA)!!

Many women (myself included) work in stressful environments also and staying home to take care of kids ain't no picnic. I do what many consider a MAN's job but in the past I have worked many WOMEN's jobs (and even stayed home for awhile) and by far, those were mores stressful than what I do now. I don't really believe that any job is gender specific (kinda like dirtbikes) but the norms of society do seem to dictate it. I know I get enough surprised voices on the phone when someone calls for the estimator of a large project and I reply you got him. ;)

The WOMEN's jobs are usually lower pay, less stature and a subservient position. Not an environment I do well in.

The idea that home should be a place to undwind and relax, I totally agree with that. That is why when I get home I like to fire up the bike and go hit the trails, no better way to unwind and relax wish I could do it more often. Now, if I can get my kids to live up to their end of the bargain and "act the role" I'd have it made. If they don't, I'll just leave em tied to their respective trees!;)


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Jun 9, 2000
Taraker -
Are you feelin' the heat yet?

I am quite certain you have serveral copies of the rules posted throughout your castle to remind the l'il lady where her place is, right? :p



Sep 6, 2000
I can't believe this is a magazine article!!!

What were people doing 50years ago man!!

A good wife.... real good.. oh yea :p
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