Mar 15, 2001
Im wondering about how fast you guys hit the bigger jumps at mx parks. I am going to go to a mx track for the first time soon, and have been jumping a little for the past few weeks. Im on a rmx250 thats geared kinda high. Im sure it'll do 65+mph. But anyway, Ive hit sharp little hills on dirt roads before in 5th and gotten a little air, and that scares me jumping that fast!!! The fastest Ive actually "jumped" was 3rd gear pinned. My tires were prolly 6-7 feet off the ground. What gear do you hit those big jumps in? I cant imagine myself jumping at 55+ in 5th gear!!


Aug 21, 2000
if its your first time then you don't have to worry about the big jumps. It harder to just stay on the track. The jumps come so sudden after a turn and you have to run so fast after you land that it takes several times to the track to get used to it. Nothing then yo have never been on before. For the mx tracks you usually gear your bike to hit the jumps in 2nd or 3rd gear. Go easy, i broke my wrist earlier this year trying the doubles. You have to work into them. But the pro's are going full speed on some tracks but that's what seperates us from them :)



Jan 17, 2001
Start small Danielson. Don't try to ride like the fast guys the first time you get out there. Walk the track first and observe. Watch the other riders on the track and see what their lines are. Don't jump anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Don't be afraid to ask some of the faster riders what gear they are using if they are on a similar bike as yours. Some people NEVER jump all the jumps on the track, so remember that when you are riding.

berm buster

Apr 17, 2001
jump speed

Hey Trackmaster,
You ask a very good question,probably one of the most important.
I was at an open practice at my local track this weekend, and that
was one of THE things I was looking at.
At our track most of the doubles were about 27 to 32' accross,
from peak to peak.

I noticed that regardless of CC of the bike, that most bikes were
hitting the jump in about the middle of 2nd gear, and sometimes
they were in third.

I noticed some bikes seemed like they were just loafing along, and then they just turned the throttle on just before the approach.

I would estimate that the speed of most of the bikes at less than
35 mph. Its awful hard to guess this. Heres one thing I do know.
If you hit that double going too slow, your front wheel is going to
hit that 2nd peak, and depending on speed you will probably be thrown over the bars, or do a real pretty "flying W".

I think that this is the one thing that scares most people when they are trying to do doubles! On the other hand, depending on the angle of the jump, if you hit it going too fast, it is going to launch you straight UP! The real trick is to REALLY watch some of the other riders, and really pay attention to how they aproach the jump, such as body position, listen to the motor, is it screaming or
is it just loafing along.

Jumping doubles can be real scary, because of the FEAR factor, you
KNOW this is going to hurt if you dont "hit it right"

Just think of all the people right here on DRN, who have either gotten hurt or know somebody who got hurt "doin a double" Hopefully, I have at least given you some things to think about.
Good luck, and safe ridin"


Aug 9, 1999
Most MX jumps are made to launch you well without a lot of speed.
Most jumps at the tracks I go to (Washougal, Mt View etc) can be jumped in 3rd gear.

Very few jumps need to be hit at high speed, if they do, they usually have smaller launch ramps and launch you pretty low.

Example... Most 50-60 ft tables or doubles can be cleared in 3rd gear. But, it all dependds on the take off ramp. I would recommend you ask someone what gear they are in.

Also, follow someone up to a jump to gauge their speed.
Remember, an RMX has a wide ratio tranny. So, comparing to an MX bike can be tough.


Mar 15, 2001
All right!!

Sounds like I wont have too much trouble then...:cool: Ive almost got the guts to jump in 4th on my rmx, but not quite... Ive jumped my brothers yz80 in 4th, does that count?:confused: Thanks for the help. I'll ask some locals at the next race or practice what theyre doing.

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