Aug 5, 2007
I read the reviews on the kdx 200 86 and this guy is selling one localy for 450...

I only rode 50s and minis in the past when I was younger.
Im about 5'7 200 lbs, looking for something simple, cheap, with enough kick for when I need it.
Is this a good fit for me?

And is this a good deal?

It says the carb is new, fresh upper end, new titanium bars, and did chain. I was thinking of taking a look at it but was curious if there is parts around for it. I havent found to many places selling parts for it, and low end is going for $300+.
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Jan 3, 2007
This sounds like the perfect bike for you. Parts are easy to find at bikebandit, bikeboneyard, mikesbikes, and so on. That is a fair price for something cheap to start out on.
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