Jan 2, 2001
Everybody has told me that the KDXs have messed up suspention. I'm thinking of getting a 200 so this concerens me. I would like to know how it is messed up. Does it feel weird or something. And is it rideable without work done. Also, are there any things you can do to improve this that isn't to much $.Any info is apreciated. Thanks in advance:confused:

Fred T

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Mar 23, 2001
It's OK!

The suspention is fine, if anything depending on your weight you will need to get a lower spring rate for the shock or firmer front fork springs to get it balanced. (One or the other but not both) There is a zillion of these bikes making people smile every day-how can that be bad? I love mine.


Sep 16, 1999
It's not bad depending on what you want to do

You won't want to jump any tripples, and people like to poo poo anything that isn't the biggest best, but you'll find that in most instances the bike is fine. Look at Daves hop ups, and you'll do fine with it. My buddy Jay has doubled his stock '01 on the motorcross portion of one of the hare scrambles he's run without a problem.


Jan 15, 2001
I wont be starring in any Crusty Demon's videos anytime soon but my '00 KDX with 21# springs jumps doubles and blows through rough stuff without any trouble.

I like it.


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Oct 26, 1999
Check with a local suspension expert for what spring rates you'd need. With me I just needed a shock spring, the forks were fine. While I was waiting for the spring to come over from the States, I rode the bike as it was (gold-valves in the forks), and all I can say is, I was thrilled with the spring turned up. When my husband was riding my bike for a couple of weeks, he left the softer spring in, just adjusted the sag/preload/whatever, rather than putting in the stock spring.

I'm 5'3", 110-120lbs?, spodely rider, riding sandy forests, so was advised on a 4.4kg spring (stock is 5.0kg). That balances the stock fork springs.
Hope that helps some, and no springs aren't that expensive or hard to change (oops sorry, can't say about the forks as haven't changed them).
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