KDX200 Rattle and GearStuck Resolution


Grand Data Poohbah
Apr 30, 2000
Just thought I'd post a follow up. After searching every dealer and finally ordering the spring. (That's what it took so I could find it). I was able to locate the spring tonight inside the case under the shifter. It was intact. So putting it back on was a real joy.

I did all of this through just the clutch cover, I did not take the right side cover off. All seems well, I've run the bike through all the gears.

I know KDX's rattle, and mine is definately worse now than it was before, or I'm just more sensitive since I've been digging around. It had 80wt gear oil in it and I replaced it with Castrol 10-40 cause that's all I had handy.

Suggestions for killing off the rattle ? It definately seems clutch related, meaning pulling the clutch in quites it a bit but it does not go away. It does not get louder as the engine revs. It's just a pretty steady rattle.

I know some of the ?'s I've been asking are newbie KDX questions. If there is a FAQ somewhere for rattles, stuck in gear, and other common KDX issues please someone point me to it :cool:


Feb 7, 2000
They rattle.
About the only thing you can do is use a full quart of your favorite lubricant, and live with it.


Grand Data Poohbah
Apr 30, 2000
Yeah, but it's worse since I took it apart. I'm gonna do it again just to verify I got it together right and everything is tight.

Has anyone ever figured out what makes them rattle like that ? Do KX's rattle too ? Is it a Kaw thing in general ?

I mean is it in the watter pump, the kips stuff, sloppy kickstarter idler.. Anyone know ?



Dec 14, 2004

After extensive research I finally discovered the cause of the clutch rattle in my '01 KDX 200! After replacing my stock basket (due to self destruction) with a Hinson (Thanks FRP) the noise got worse! So I took the cover off and and measure the width of the fiber plate fingers and the space between the basket fingers (slightly more space than the stock basket hence the more rattle) The gap between the finger and the basket seems really loose. I proceeded to install hi-tech vinyl shim stock (Black tape) as an experimental/temporary remedy and, the rattle disappeared! I took the cover back off and removed the tape. After reassembly the noise reappeared. It seems that due to power impulses from the crank coupled with the mass being moved i.e.;gear shaft ,clutch assembly, Etc. the parts rattle together. Apparently causing no harm.The additional oil that everyone recommends must just work as a dampening medium somewhat silence the noise.
I know this doesn't solve the problem but, It's raining like crazy and I had time to kill.


Jan 2, 2001
Try checking for free play in the (2) bearings that support that clutch shaft. One is a carrier bearing mid-shaft and the other is a needle bearing at the end of the shaft.(left side case)


Aug 10, 2004
I'm pretty clueless about the deep inner workings of the KDX clutch (though I am learning slowly), but one area I think you should look into are the mechanicals and bearings associated with the kick starter mechanism...

I have a 2004 KDX-220, and the bike rattles and clicks and taps up a storm right after I start it (while the kickstarter is still out and presumably "slightly" engaged) But as soon as I flip it into its stowed position, the idle is chatter and rattle free!

Not certain if just having the kickstarter folded out somehow sets up some kind of vibration harmonic that makes an internal vibration worse, or if the fact that when the starter arm is out it causes the kickstart shaft to drop a bit and engage ever so slightly.

When it gets time to service my clutch, its a sure bet that I will be looking at this area very carfeully to see if i can identify whats going on, but for now, all I know is that while the bike is running, flipping out the kickstarter causesall kinds of rattling, and flipping it back in kills the sound...

Good Luck!

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