May 23, 2000
I was finishing up my trip plans and getting final approval from the boss.......She has a horse show on this weekend as well. I am trying to find a babysitter for Friday and Saturday. My son is 2 1/2 and loves bikes, but he isn't really ready for this. I was wondering if others would have children this age for him to play with if I bring him? I am really bummed to think I'm not going to be able to come over. This is only a 5 hour drive for me and I've talked to several friends that have been to the facility for qualifiers and give it a big thumbs up. I am trying to convince my dad to break his XR250 out of mothballs and come with me. I guess I am looking for ideas. I will be in Colorado the last week of August riding, so I have no leverage with the boss. My in-laws will watch Nick on Saturday, but not during the week. My parents are the same way. I want to participate in the Team Harescrambles, the night ride and the MX school. I also planned on having the suspension revalved.

Hopefully I will figure this out soon. Tim


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Nov 12, 1999
Since my wife is going and i have a 4.5 year old terror that is double trouble with AJ's 4.7 year old little ones are not a problem. LOL since mama watchs them while we ride!

I couldn't go if the kids couldn't, he goes with us everywhere. I mite buy him a pw before we go have to see. Can't let Brenden get to much saddle time on him!!


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Sep 26, 1999
We'll all be there...
Ricky...10 (11 by then)

Lori and I take turns watching Tommy dismantle other people's bikes while the other one rides.

Hmm...maybe if I let Tommy take apart Lori's bike I'll get to ride more...

Either way, he and Tommy can tell lies to each other about who has the faster PowerWheels.
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