KTM 125EXC, What are the changes between 95-98?


Sep 30, 2000
Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The seat height of a 125EXC in 95 was 35.2", then in 96+97 the seat height was 37.2", and then in 98 they did some major changes (including putting the chain on the left side of the bike, and the disc brakes on the right) and lowered the seat height to 36.2"...Now, what were the other significant changes? Which year was the best? How were the suspension between 95, 96, 97, and 98? But most importantly, which had the best powerplant with the most usuable, chugable, and NOT PIPEY powerband? Hopefully by the time I'm ready for a 125 EXC in a year or so, the 98's will be a little cheaper, because the KBB value on a 98 now is $3500 :scream: although you can usually find them for around $3300.
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Nov 8, 1999
Looks like you have done quite a bit of homework already. The looks/plastic changed completely in '98. Add a '99 front fender and the looks almost new! I'll add that the '98s had a hydraulic clutch (sweet), and the PDS linkless suspension (also sweet). The '98 from what I've read, did actually have some Chugability (I love making new words), unlike most 125s. You can find '98s in my area for a lot less than $3300. More around $2700! Good Luck!


Jul 21, 1999
While I can't talk about the pre-98's, I can tell you that our 98 125EXC is a great bike. We got it new in 98 and have never had one single problem with it. It was jetted too rich like all KTM 2 strokes we've owned but that's just KTM.

It's very luggable and will lug up hills like you would not believe at about 1000rpm. Not pipey at all but will rev out well for you. Very easy and predictable starter, great gas mileage, and quiet. I'd be shocked if we could get much over $2800 for it around here (it's not for sale). I sold a very, very nice 99 KTM 250EXC this year for $3700 and felt I did well.


Apr 11, 2000
But most importantly, which had the best powerplant with the most usuable, chugable, and NOT PIPEY powerband?

You should be able to get a '98 125 for way less than $3000. If I was you I would go for at least a '99 as it had some PDS shock updates which made some big changes.

As for your requirement for torque and lugging ability I would recommend the 200exc ! It is exactly the same size as the 125, even the engine cases are the same. It is easier to ride than a 125 (I went from a 125 to the 200 worrying about the extra power) as the power delivey is more friendly and less pipey you could say. You should be able to get a '99 200 for less than $3000, I got my '99 a bit more than a year old for $3300.

Try and ride someones 125 & 200 and decide for yourself.
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