Jun 20, 2000
I recently picked up a 01 200 exc and couldn't be happier with the bike, it's flat out amazing in the woods. :p The problem is I don't want to trash the bike on the local motocross track. I have a 98 125 exc that I am planing on converting to a SX. I'm not going to change the tranny or put the SX ignition on it, it's not that big of a deal for what i do. Any suggestions on what to do??? Any hot suspension set ups for the 98's?


May 1, 2001
I have a 99' 125EXC which I am also trying to make more motocross friendly. I sent the suspension out to be revalved with a beefier spring in the compression fork (don't actually know what spring it is). I also had a straight rate spring installed in the rear. I am still doing some tuning but it definitely doesn't bottom as much as it used to.

I went up two teeth on the rear sprocket which helps compensate for the wide ratio gearbox.

I ditched the headlight and tail light and kickstand....basically for a more motocross look (the headlight is useless, the tailight was always full of water anyway, the kick stand broke off).

I finally put on the S12's that came with the bike...I hated them for the woods but they really hook up in the sand.

I don't know what is next....shave the fly wheel a little....pipe...reeds....I realy like the bike for woods and trails so I don't want a full fledged motocrosser.

Keep me informed of anything you find out!

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