Apr 29, 2001
Boy do I feel syupid today. I have been having trouble getting the shock on my '01 520 to be complient in the rocks. I broke the spring nut recentlly and while changing it I had the shop revalve it to suit my riding style, weight and ability. It seemed much better over the rocks at first, but as I tried adjusting the compression it seemed worse and worse. This morning at 4:30 am I was "sitting" and reading about the changes to the '02 KTMs. It said "shock compression adjuster reversed so that clockwise adds compression" reason was to stop confusion. I guess i never paid attention before, and was riding 1 from full hard. Now at 4 from full soft life is great. Climbs like a billygoat, eats rocks for lunch. Boy do I feel dumb. Even dumber to see the arrow with the + and - next to the knob.
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