Jun 12, 2001
OK this message goes out to all the newer 4 stroke riders. I admit I messed up and did not take a few peoples advise. Last week I made an expensive mistake and attempted to start my 2001 wr250f without using the Compression release properly. Broke the kick start shaft right off. Had to push the damm thing about 200 yards through the swamp and drag it up a nasty hill. An expensive mistake if Yamaha hadn't covered this under "good faith". I new I made a good decision in buying a Yamaha when the service manager at the dealer I bought it from said "yamaha's gonna take care of this for you", although he did mention it is a must to use the compression release all the time". So for all of you new thumper owners USE YOUR COMPRESSION RELEASE NO MATTER WHAT.
Live happily and ride hard
Bailey 43


Nov 17, 2000
Using the comp release rates right up there with "don't touch the throttle", bring it to TDC, don't touch the throttle, rotate just past TDC, don't touch the throttle, kick, don't touch the throttle! :confused: (BTW I still have the original KS lever on my 98)
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