Oct 10, 2000
I raced a XR400 (until it got stole out of my garage) then I got a Kaw KLX 300. I'm not very happy with the KLX, its just not the bike I thought it would be. I have always wanted a Husky, but was scared of the price, parts availabilty etc. I can get a new 2000 Husky 410 for $5,599. Qustion: Will the 2000 Husky out perform the current jap 4 strokes? and is the cost of the Husky a good buy? I really want to get it but I feel I made a bad choice with the KLX and don't want to make the same mistake.


Feb 6, 2001
I think it depends on the type of riding you'll be doing. If its pure motocross, I would try going for the new 01 Husky TC570. Husqvarna made a lot of big changes for the 01 bikes. The price is about $6300. I myself am saving for a 01 TE570 or Husaberg 470e. I know when the new Honda RC450 comes out it will grab my attention as I've always like Hondas of all the Japanese bikes, but I like the quality of Euro bikes too.

I'm sure I didn't help you much, but just wanted to add some thoughts. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Jan 24, 2000
my advice is to wait for the 2002 model husky's. they are supposed to have new right side kick/electric start four strokes including a new 250.


Mar 7, 2001
The 2000 Husky (TE410) is light years ahead of the Jap bikes except the Yamaha. The 2001 (TE400) is probably on par with or close to the Yamaha (Stephan Merriman overalled the 2000 ISDE on a 2001 model) and costs only $5900. The Husky is tall, long, and stable handling and an excellent bike for riding in rocky terrain. The 2002 model may be a left side drive, the TE250 definitely will be left side drive.


Apr 3, 2000
It's great to see people actually "wanting" Husqvarnas, and not just settling on "good" deals. But, Husqvarnas are still, not for everyone. They've always been kinda taller, longer, and more stable than ALL other Jap-bikes, plus heavier, more finicky, and more expensive.

As far as getting ahold of a new 2000 model, for $5600? I would wait. I realize that it's tempting, because it's there, and the dealer is offering this "great" deal. But if you are willing to spend that amount of money for a new ride then I would simply wait for the 2002s to arrive.

Husky has been ahead of the Japanese-fours for some time now. Husaberg(Husqvarna mechanics)then raised the bar for a while, and KTM simply walked away with it all together. Vertamati, VOR, BBR, CCM, ATK, GasGas, TM, Cannondale, you name it, they will all have competitive fours available for 2002, plus Honda's new four, Yamaha's 426, and Suzuki's 400. So if you are prepared to spend a substantial amount, then I would wait until the new breeds arrive. Otherwise, tell the dealer to come down a bit, and run with the Husky.

Just for the record, I will probably be getting the 2002 Husky

Hope this helps...?


Dec 25, 1999
I bought a new 2001 Husky 400 about 2 months ago for $5549 not including tax. Very happy with the bike. Excellent quality, excellent suspension very good power. After about 60 miles of break in it's very easier to start even with the left side kick. Bike is very narrow and a little long. I,m starting too like the stability because I feel I can be more agressive riding because the bike doesn't react so quickly to obstacles or mistakes I make. I owned a 97 klx 300. The bike looked good on paper but I really disliked this bike. I then went to an XR 400. Liked the engine,handling but the suspension was not very good. Only dislike so far with the Husky is the vibration through the bars and it seems to be geared a little high for woods riding. There were a lot of changes between the 2000 and 2001 Husky 400's and I think the 2001 is a lot better bike.


Oct 19, 2000
i bought a 360 2-stroke today and am very impressed with the quality of the bike out of the box. I'm not going to pick it up until tuesday but I must say that it is very exciting to think about getting back on a husky. i had a 1992 husky 350 4 stroke and it was a stump puller. i ran that bike hard and never had to do anything to it. Good luck.

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Oct 31, 2000
I have a 00" TE410 i paid $5100 out the door last yr new. the dealer wasnt trying to get rid of it on me. they are good bike. parts arnt expensive. I cant get all parts within three days if he doesnt have them in stock. they come with excel rims,steel braided brake lines good tires etc. Its a great bike in real rocky trails it work well for me. the suspension is set up well for the rocks and woods.I get about 70 miles out of a tank of gas so far so good going on 2,000 miles no problems yet nothing has broke. i think thye are good bike's. if you get one hope you like it and enjoy.
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