Looking to buy... whats a good price??


Dec 11, 2002
There are a few dealers around here that have some 03 and 04 KTM SX 50 Pro Seniors. They seem to be firm on the price, which is 2799, plus tax, licence, etc...

Is this a decent price or do I need to shop around? I would love to get one for 2500, but not sure if that is possible.




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Nov 27, 2001
are you only looking for new? you can use www.ktmtalk.com and use the dealer quote function and you will get several prices. prices seem to be lower there because several of there guys secialize in mini's. There is a used mini bike section there with tons of the KTM's posted.

jsut curious why you are limiting youself to the KTM? Do you know about the Cobra's? www.cobramotorcycle.com There is a Cobra dealer in Utah and I sevice a few customers there. I'm not sure what add ons there are but you can get a Cobra out the door shipped to yor door for about $3350. The Cobra this year should easily dominate the KTM, Polini and LEM. Its way up on HP and the suspension this year rocks! Also you can get more info on the Cobra from someone not as biased as me at www.cobratalk.com
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