Dr. Feel Good
Jun 15, 2001

It's going to be interesting. As you'll recall, Ezra CAN BE every bit as fast as Ricky, and proved it a couple times last year. He just needs to step it up in the motivation department. I don't know what's wrong with him that way--he seems "down" most of the time, often grumpy and negative. You obviously personally know him, and much so better than I, so please correct me if I'm wrong. :D

At any rate, I'm starting to become a little partial to Team Green (primarily because I like their philosophy--raise 'em and lose 'em to Honda ;) ), and that makes Ezra our great last hope next year. Remember that there were more than one Red Riders last year, and Ezra looked sort of lost among them. If it wasn't for training with Team Green's number 1 (Ricky), he probably wouldn't have been much last year. Who knows, maybe he'll step it up. After all, he's coming "home" to Team Green where he started as an amateur.

I wish him well, and will be rooting for him. I hope he gets it together.


Jan 6, 2001

Thanks for the reply nephron. Lusk did seem down most of the time this past season but I think it was because of his results. You have to remember that he was coming back from being out an entire season. He has always been the greatest to his fans (nothing but a nice guy to me) I too am excited about next year. Maybe Mike Brown's performance will let him see it's never too late. :D


Feb 22, 2000
I think the reason he seems down, is because he crashes his brains out every time he rides these days. He seems to be trying too hard- like Ryan Hughes.
He is a great rider, but he doesn't seem to mind to ride over his head, no matter the consequences.
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