Oct 9, 1999
Has anyone ever attended one of Marty's schools? I have read of a few people that have, and they offered positive comments. I know some of Marty's principles fly agianst conventionally accpeted practices. For example, he feels weighting the outside foot peg is over rated and offers his reasoning for same. He has a few other principles that are unqiue as well

Coach in ND

Mar 19, 2001
Marty comes up to our neck of the woods once a year for a moto-school and every year there is a waiting list.

I attended a couple years ago and learned a great deal. He is a little arrogant (If you don't want to go fast just don't pay attention!!) but has some great ideas on different situations. Most worked for me, a couple didn't.

I would highly recomend!! A+++++

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