Mar 24, 2001
I have been expriencing some problem with the Mikuni 33mm pumper carb that i have install on my Machine ( 93' KLX250 ).
The idling seems to be ery unstable, as it goes high & low, upon gasing the throttle & closing it, the machine will just cut off. Initially i thought there might be water trapped in the carb float bowl, i tied draining it, but that doesn't seem to help.
I went to a mechanic, he claimed that it might be the needle in the carb that's lose (even without having to open up the carb to check).
Does anyone have exprience on pumper carb especially Mikuni? ( the mech also claimed that only Mukini pumper have such problems, he said the Kehin FCR crab will be much of a better choice if i wanna fix a pumper card on my machine)
Please advise, thkz in a advance!!



N. Texas SP
Feb 19, 2000
I would find a new mechanic. I have tried every carb you can put on the KLX and the Mikuni was the easiest to jet. If you have a lot of miles on your bike and carb, you could have worn the jet needle and needle jet enough to have an air leak. Check and make sure the joints between the airbox and the carb and the carb mounting manifold are not leaking. also check the o-ring that goes between the intake manifold and the head. and make sure there is not some dirt in the pilot jet. In fact, I would check the pilot jet first thing.

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