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Feb 11, 2001
LaidesMoto Fitness

After two months in the gym I finally got to get out on my bike and see if all those workouts were doing me any good. Hubby and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to Backus for a day ride. Boy what a blast! We found a sweet little sand wash in about an eight foot deep ravine that was lots of fun. Hubby flew from side to side of the ravine around the turns while I mustered up the courage to try it. We did about a three hour ride and I am happy to report that the moto fitness is working! I wasn't as tired as I normally am and I seemed to have more control over my bike. I did notice however that my lower back was sore the next day. I was wondering if any of you ladies knows of a particular excercise that can help strenghten these muscles.

As a little aside, I just went and bought new bras. Because of all the excercising I'm doing I thought I'd go down a size or two. WRONG! The inches went down but my cup size went up. What's up with that? I thought only your feet and nose kept growing as you got older. Momma never told me about this.
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Oct 23, 2000
I just started going again . . . I love the way I feel after I work out. I hope I can notice improvements soon!

I wonder if the effect you noticed might happen to me too? One can only hope . . . I guess it's the pec muscles underneath, right?

I get sore in the lower back too. I do 150 crunches during my workout and I hope that will help.


Jun 18, 2000
Alternatives to moto fitness

During the dry & hot summer months, I have no desire to ride my dirtbike but I love jetskiing. My man and I have a standup jetski that we rode 2-4 times a week either motoing a course made up of buoys or playing behind the wake of boats. My strength increased tremendously! I was surprised at the ease of picking up my dirtbike off the ground and even picking up the back-end to put it on its stand. In the past, during an MX race, if I went down, my race was basically over b/c it usually took too much out of me just to pick my bike up and get it started. I have also never been able to pick up my bike to put it on the stand untill now. Its also a great alternative to weight lifting because it not only works your whole body but it also works on your riding skills. I noticed I'm much better at looking ahead of myself and keeping my elbows up. Its really hard to hurt yourself on the ski, too, which allowed my confindence level to be maximized, unlike on the bike. Now that its cooled down, the ski will get put away and its back to weight lifting and hopefully some dirtbiking when we get some moisture around here!

I do like weight lifting but was wondering if anyone else knows of other sports like jetskiing that attribute to moto fitness?


Aug 13, 1999
Mrs. Vixen, maybe your pregnant!! :scream: My bra size never changes unless there's something going on. Building your pecs could increase your bra size and losing weight can decrease it, doing both at the same time hard to say what could happen!

The best way to strengthen your lower back is to strengthen your entire midsection.

To target the lower back, I like stifflegged deadlifts and back extensions (hyperextensions). When the weather isn't conducive to being outside. I prefer shoveling dirt to being in the gym if it's nice out and it gives you a GREAT workout!

For your lower abs, try doing reverse crunches. I get too bored doing more than 25 or so reps of one excercise. I tend to do a cycle or superset of say 20 reverse crunches, 20 leg ups, 20 side crunches, 20 bicycles and 20 crunches. Do them all without a rest, take a minute or so rest & do it again for 3 sets - it'll give you a great bbbuuurrrnnn! I mix it up usually doing whatever I fee like each day.

Best bet to get results is to consult a trainer if you go to a gym that offers them. They are well worth paying for a week or so of good instruction. I have lifted weights since early in high school and even my collegiate strength coaches didn't teach me as much about proper form than one week with a GOOD trainer.

If a trainer isn't available (even if one is just so you can be sure you are using correct form) read the men's muscle mags - Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness......they usually have good articles on form and excercises. Go to the library and look for back issues to get the info you need then photocopy it. Books by Cory Everson (3 time or more :think Ms. Olympia) can be very informative too - good form is IMPERATIVE if you are doing deadlifts and extensions!

FC22, good to hear your getting back into it! I used to love the feeling of working out so hard I couldn't walk out the door without a rest for a few minutes - ohhh to be young and have time to do what you want!

Jetskiing on a standup is a fantastic workout. Try doing some bunny hops and subs to REALLY wear yourself out! Good practice for wheelieing the bike too.

We do the same thing, switch to the ski's this time of year - of course it's best if you don't crash into each other and have to spend a week fiberglassing your hull back together. Oh well. Just got mine back on the water and Karl decided to adjust my throttle trigger and broke it off - on the far side of the LAKE! At least he rode it back - pulling on the throttle cable since he broke it. Hopefully we'll be back on them this weekend.

As for other sports you might like mountain biking. ;) It builds great endurance and if you ride on technical trails similar to where you dirtbike it can really improve your skills when you hit the real bike. Much easier to load by yourself too.
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