sfc crash

Human Blowtorch
Jun 26, 2001
i built a jump and rode it sat night,after each jump my wife would cheer and say"do it again"...after 3x i nosed in hard, i made the jump way to steep and seat bounced the last run while attempting to correct the bikes attitude from prev jumps. anyway, burned in and dinged the wrist. no sweat. but..here's the hook, i already told the wife i'd be racing the mx at dirt week cause, "it's all just for fun" now i'm skeered all over again. whew, there i said it. ok, i'm better now, btw, i've got the post crash pose down pat now, after ya wreck, ya walk around the bike shaking your head like you can't believe your bike just did that to ya, and maybe catch your breath , just a bit. ha! i'm ready now:confused:

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