HEllo i am wondering if this is true.Long ago my brother had an 87' KTM 80ccMX. He said it had a switch on it somewhere where u can flip it and it switched it from MX to enduro. Anyone know if this is true? if so, does KTM have it on any of there later models? (98-07)? :coocoo:


Subscriber flip the switch and it adds lights, re-does your suspension and changes the engine set up. :nener:

I actually never heard of a bike like that.

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I had a 70s something Suzuki enduro bike that you could kick the transmission lever to change the gear ratio. That count?


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There is an aftermarket ignition system that has two settings, I don't remember the name. Not sure if a bike manufacturer ever put one on stock.
Stock GasGas bikes have a switch that changes the ignition settings: one is mellower for slippery stuff, the other is for more open/motocross stuff. Old Honda Trail 90's had a high and low range on them...


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I thought I read that the KTM were going to have this as an option for the 2008 models! The idea being when you are tired and worn out and don't want the hit, flip the switch and put home.

Switch ignition maps on-the-fly with a flick of the switch. Increases spark energy greatly and improves starting, throttle response, and increases mid range and top end horsepower. Effectively eliminates overrev popping; unit can be reprogrammed for individual performance needs. Available for ‘99-05 CR125/250 and TC 250/450 models ONLY. Includes remote switch. By Ferracci; $399

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