jeff joy

May 14, 2001
I am a trail rider in mostly hilly slippery conditions with alot of ruts.I try my best to stay out of the ruts but usually end up in them and have to suffer the consequences of doing so.I've riddin with better riders and they allways seem to be able to get out of them,every time I try I end up with my front tire out and the back end comes around on me to where I'm going sideways,not a good position to be in.Can anyone ouy there give me some tips on how to get the rear tire out?

p.s. I have a good rear tire IRC m5b,great mud tire,so that is not the problem.


Jun 2, 2001
<~~same problem.........

i ride in 4 wheeler trails and get caudht in there ruts, I just chose a line o rt an give it all i got,,,,its almost not fun when its really wet cuz i cant keep it under me, it keeps gettin out but how can a bike not be fun so its still fun!!! I just found these 4 wheeler trails up my rode and have permission to ride on em, thee pretty cool and real wet, and i got to push or try not to get caught by the cops on the way up there............prolly push a 1st cuz i gotta cross a 5 forks

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