Sep 13, 2000
My wife has finally given in and I'm now in the market for a street bike. I don't really want a rocket ship or a cruiser, just something that I can take onto some back roads and occasionally carry a passenger. So far, I really like the looks, size, (cc's and weight) and price of the Suzuki SV650. I think I would be happy with the smaller engine japanese street bikes. I'm 5'10, pushing 200lbs and would say I'm still a novice street rider. Any one have any suggestions or experiences. Thanks in advance for all the help!


Dec 29, 2000

I like those sv650s, look neat. Don't know how they good they are. I would say a G S X R600 if you like peaky bikes, a bandit is a pretty good bike very good at wheelies my dad says. I personally like buels, but they aren't the best handling and fastest thing out there. Try test riding a couple. And see how you like it.

Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
I finally got the chance to ride an SV650 and I was impressed way beyond my highest expectations. I'd be hard pressed to find a better more balanced package (weight, power, handling, brakes) for the money. Definitely a great bike for a new rider, but it isn't likely to get boring as you get faster.


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Jul 31, 2000
a buddy of mine has a nice SV650S (just the SV with a small fairing) and it's impressive. He added some sort of pipe, never heard of the manufacturer, and it really took the bike up a notch. If it were my money I'd buy a buell, but they can get pricey.


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Jul 16, 2000
The SV is a great bike. But don't forget about the CBR F2s and F3s. You could pick up one of these starting as low as 2 grand (the F2 began in 1991 and didn't change until 1994, although the 94 got some upgrades). These bikes are bullet proof, forgiving, and comfortable. I've got 42K on my 93.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Have to agree the CBRs are so competent they are boring. Actually I don’t mean that ‘cause they are fun.

But Honda spent so much time making them middle of the road that they are great all round bikes despite being sporty & cheap enough 2nd hand. But if you want new & shiny then go test ride the SV & good on ya for being sensible about the size.


Sep 13, 2000
Originally posted by motopuffs
How about a Bandit?
I really like the look of the bandit, but they are basically the same msrp and they weigh almost 100lbs more. I plan on riding both before I make any decisions.

Tennessee Thumper

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Jan 23, 2000
I vote for the sv650s.The bike is awesome on twisty backroads and has loads of torque.It's hard to beat the price and is very cheap to insure.check out
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Jun 15, 2001
Huh, Suzukers seems to be making some competent bikes for a good price these days. Are you hunting a new or used bike? I like Sport touring too with a favor torward sport. The problem with touring with a smaller displacement bike is you have to work the tranny and upper RPMs alot more. The smaller inline 4s are describeds as being buzzy on the highway and the seating positions are cramped. The 650 SV looks like a good comprimise but I dont know anything about the bike. I have and will never get rid of my VFR 750. Its a V 4 and makes loads of bottom end power right off idel and just pulles harder and harder as the RPMS go up. The bike is very comfortable and handels like a sport bike. I do lots of 2 up riding with it. It has 50 K miles on the stock motor. I love the fact that I dont have to rev the poo out of it to make nice easy power. Under normal driving conditions I usally skip a gear or two when shifting up cause I can go form 8K to 3K with nice traffic excelleration. So, my vote is for a used VFR 750. They made em from 86 to like 98 or so and went to the EFI VFR 800 after that. New ones are still great bikes but they go for like 8000 or so I think. I have had my 86 since 95 and I paid $2500 for it :) . The 86 to 88 were the fastest and lightest. I dont know the stats on the new one. If you look at older ones make sure its a VFR 700, 750R and not a VF 700, 750F interceptor,,, big differance.
Good luck bro, keep the rubber side down :) .
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