Need mechanical advice for 86 TT350.


May 26, 2001
I recently broke the kickstart axle while starting this bike (86 TT350). It broke off outside of the case and the kicker fell to the ground, not a good feeling!! How difficult is it to replace this part? This bike is starting to show age, $28 for new choke, $10 for new clutch lever etc... How long does Yamaha make parts for a model such as the 86 TT350's? I have had the bike for 2 years and had no engine problems, is this a very reliable engine or am I due for major repair work? I enjoy this bike. I have it set up and plated for light street duty, but recent mechanical problems are making me think twice about taking her too far from home when I feel like going out on the country roads. When should I stop putting money into this bike? I purchased in 99 for $800 and have spent another couple hundred on it since. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Nov 20, 2000
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You should stop putting money into this bike when the cylinder is stuffed with 100 dollar bills.
Then you should give it to me!! :p :p

O.k. now seriously............
You should stop spending money on this bike when you are tired of it, or are ready to trade it for something better.
Older bikes are a gamble. Sometimes it's hard to find replacement parts for some bikes. Sometimes not.
I've been rather blessed <knock wood> so far with my '82 XL500r, parts have been fairly easy to find.
What parts i cant find, i fabricate.
The latest was the rear brake return spring.
The old one snapped, and when i went to my Honda dealer i heard the dreaded "sorry its obsolete". :scream:
Solution: the local hardware store carries replacement springs that work fine, and dont look "rigged".
I plan on keeping "old Flash" for many years (or untill that 2002 XR650R finally seduces me).
How long you keep that TT350 is up to you.
Ask yourself:
Do i like this bike?
Am i ready for somthing better or newer?
Is it worth spending over $5,000 (for a new ride), or should i try to upgrade "old betsy"?
Does this bike do what i want it to do?
Is the old bike still fun?

If any of the answers are no, then maybe you should go down to your Honda er uh oops local MOTORCYCLE dealer that is and check out a new ride. :cool:


Aug 13, 2000
The Xt350 was a current production bike until 2001. the engine is the same, so I would suspect you will have no problem finding the part. Those engines are nearly bulletproof! I would not worry about keeping spending a few dollars to maintain it. Every bike requires maintenance and yours will cost less than most. The TT350 was a very good bike in it's time and is still very trail worthy. Sure is is not a race bike and it is way down on power compared to modern 4 strokes, however the bike is still quite a good play bike.

I believe the kickstart shaft is fairly easy to replace. The side cover needs to removed and probably the clutch assy. I do not believe the engine needs to be disassembled or removed from the chassis. You will need a new side cover gasket. Keep in mind that the screws strip out the aluminum very easily in that engine, so assemble with blue loctite and do not overtorque.

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Aug 22, 2000
After double-checking the parts fiche, I believe this is a case split to fix. Here's the fiche:

The starter shaft doesn't go all the way through the engine (like some do), but it does appear to go inside the cases, where the idler gear meshes with either the main or the drive shaft. Unfortunately, it doesn't show the "ghost" of parts not listed on each fiche picture, so it's hard to tell which shaft the idler gear is attached to.

Also, I'm not as familiar with this bike as I should be - sorry!!!

Anyway, is it worth fixing? Probably, since this is an odd "wear" item (unless you've been kicking it too hard). They're a good bike, and I agree with OnAnySunday and CUjet, if you like it, it's worth fixing.

BTW, I would also replace the springs and the idler gear while you're in there - why? because they're probably worn and tired. Also, Murphy's law requires them to break as soon as you put the new shaft in and re-assemble the thing :confused: Don't forget new seals!


May 26, 2001
Thanks for info guys. Cujet, you are correct, according to my Clymer maual clutch needs taken out but engine remains in bike for repair. Dualsprtr, thanks for Microfisch, very helpful. AOSunday, I agree with your advice, I do enjoy this bike, it is solid and I do plan on keeping it. However, should I look at new, I will visit my local Honda, er.. motorcyle dealer. ( I would look very cool on an 02 XR650L).......

Jon K.

Mar 26, 2001
The engine on the fiche uses a decompression system. If the TT engine is the same (it probably is) you will need to time the gear or the stop to the shaft. You should have line-up marks. Look at the parts and consult your manual VERY CAREFULLY to accomplish this.
Great bike! Peterhansel overalled an ISDE (or was it an ISDT) on a TT350 that was described as "painfully stock" You have a thoroughbred there!!
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