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May 31, 2007
Im new here and i need some advice

Right now i dont even have a dirt bike, i sold both about 6months ago(just got tired of riding)
I had a 2001 xr100 and a 2003 ttr-125
im wanting a 2stroke at this point i dont want a 4, not even one of the big thumpers, im not going to be racing, where im at the tracks arent that demanding so i may race a few i dont know, but i want a 2-stroke but my budget is probably about 18-1900, and im mostly going to be riding around my house with my buddies and we live on a farm so everything will pretty much be "natural Terrain" So i dont really need a hi-end, top notch bike, but want something with a little power.
im 5'8 141#'s i want either a 125 or 250 but i want something i can control and handle in the air

Im also new to 2strokes, i have played around on a yz85 but that it for me, can anyone give me advice on the powerbands when jumping them. i have heard smooth throttle control and jus let off then blip it at the top.
i know this is all kind of thrown together but any advice would be much appreciated thanx


Dec 31, 1969
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