Dec 31, 1969
There's some really useful stuff in DRN 5.0, I'll add some tips from time to time in this thread.

1) Images in posts. If you are adding a reply using quick reply (at the bottom of all post pages) and you want to add an image, you don't have to click into "More Options" anymore. Assuming the image is on your desktop, just drag and drop it. You then have the option to post the pic as a thumbnail or "full size". A thumbnail when clicked opens the image in a lightbox, as big as browser window will allow (or the max size of the image), while the "full size" selection will fit the image as big as possible in the boundaries of the post container.

2) Quoting. Two ways to do this.

  • Next to each post, there's a reply button. Click it, it will open a new post area, with the full content of the post you are quoting.
  • If you want to quote just a part of someone's post, or even just a phrase or word, highlight the text as if you were going to copy & paste. You'll notice a "Reply" tag at the end of the selected text. Click it. Done.
3) Drafts
You've started writing an epic post, get a call, need to feed the dog, whatever. You leave the window open, go do what she told you to do only to have a power outage right as you get back in front of your literary masterpiece.

Fear not, after 60 seconds in a new post window, the forum will start saving your work as a draft. This applies even if you started a post on your phone, then decided to continue at home on the pc. All you need to do is go back to the forum you were writing in. If it was a NEW post, just click the New Thread button as normal. When the window opens, your saved text will be waiting for you.

If it was a reply to a post, go back into that post, look at the bottom of the page (quick reply), you'll see your text there. You can also use a reply button in that post to open the full posting window.

More to follow....

Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
Cool! I'm looking forward to more trick new stuff to try out.
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