Apr 30, 2001
I was heading to the woods to ride and this guy ran me down and handed me a Flyer. He has just opened a new Motocross Track in Valley Al. south of Lagrange. He claims it is 2 miles long and Greg Cole built it. I have not seen it yet but I will update when I go check it out. We were going to ride it but a injury postponed it a little. He will be fine just a little bruised up. Fell about 5 ft flat on his tail bone.

If anyone wants directions let me know and I will e-mail them to you.


Apr 5, 2001
I rode this track yesterday and it was a blast. It is not 2 miles though, probably closer to 1 1/2 mile. There was quite a good turnout for the track's first day of operation. It is a rolling terrain clay and sand course with lots of twists and turns. Most of the turns were flat but were starting to develop good berms by the end of the day. It has one particularly nasty whoop section down the front stright with approx. 100 yards of 2-2.5 ft deep whoops. Most of the big jumps are tabletops for safety. The track is got some rocky areas too. It needs some rain to break up some of the large dirtclods. All in all it is good place to ride, especially if you live in Columbus and are tired of having to drive 1.5 to 3 hours for a place to ride.
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