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Aug 2, 2000
From RacerX:

Honda Introduces RC in Las Vegas
Two years ago in New Orleans, American Honda's Ray Blank stepped into the spotlight of the city's convention center on the banks of the Mississippi River and announced a three-year plan that would return the company to its traditional place at the top of the motorcycle world. Last night, two-thirds of the way into that plan, Blank showed that he meant business. Besides introducing 15 new models with all of the trappings, confetti and explosions that Las Vegas brings, the VP introduced the new motocross team, which includes - drum roll, please - Ricky Carmichael, Sebastien Tortelli, Nathan Ramsey and Ernesto Fonseca. Add in the mighty Factory Connection team of Mike LaRocco, Michael Byrne, Christopher Gosselaar and Travis Preston, plus Mike and Jeff Alessi, who will anchor the company's improved amateur support program, and you have a return to the glory days of the "Big Red Machine." Needless to say, the crowd went absolutely nuts.
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Jul 12, 2000
They've got quite the team set up there, with alot of future results as well. Now the question is who replaces Scott Summers?

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Aug 4, 2000

Love the Spinal Tap quote. Have you seen the movie Best in Show? It was written by Christopher "Nigel Tufnal" Guest and Eugene Levy. It's hillarious!

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