Mar 26, 2001
Recently bought a 01' kdx220 and love it.I just put on a turbine core II and a gnarly (woods) pipe.When I open it up wide open,
it seems to stutter a little.The jetting is totally stock and so is the
airbox.Any suggestions would be appreciated.My altitude is 3600 ft. where i live.One more thing, my buddy has a Burlly pipe and is much bigger than the gnarly ,is this right?:)


Jan 6, 2001

This is the best mod any KDX owner can do. If you're going to an any other aftermarket items, do it now and then rejet your bike. Check out Canadian Dave's site and look into the tech tips for great info on how to make your bike run great for just a few $$$.

I suggest you either drill your airbox lid and remove the snorkle, or remove the lid entirely. It's a free mod and it allows more air into the engine (which it needs).

Good luck


Aug 25, 2000
I suggest changing your factory reeds with some Boyseen Power Reeds. Small price and will compliment your pipe too.

What pipe did you put on your 220? There should be a number stamped on it if you do not know. Either KG-35 or KG-30. You say the "woods" pipe so i am assuming that this is a "torque" pipe.

From what i have heard the 220 benifits more from the "Rev" pipe but either pipe should be an improvement over stock.

Listen to NDRO - REJET!! and get some air into that carb.


Oct 14, 1999
Here we go agin....

..with all this 'gnarly' 'desert' 'woods' stuff.

FMF doesn't do themselves any favors with all this terminology.

As kelvinKDX says..there are two pipes..30/35 rev/torque respectively.

Yes, the rev pipe (choice of most 220 owners) is considerably bigger.

All other differences notwithstanding..the smaller size of the torque is something I much prefer (on my 200).'s up to the individual rider's requirements.

''...that rubber snorkel thing is the snorkel.

Ha! That was funny!


Sep 7, 2000
I have spoken to two dealers and they have both told me that there is no "Gnarly, Woods" pipe for a 2000 KDX 220 in the FMF product catalog. So I ordered a rev pipe and Turbine Core II silencer. Is what they are telling me accurate? On the FMF website a Gnarly pipe s listed plain as day.

I ride exclusively in the woods/trees, is this rev pipe really what I want, in retrospect I am wondering? :think

Any opinoins/info would be welcome ...

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
As mentioned in a previous post in this thread FMF only lists one pipe for the KDX220, the KG-30 Rev pipe. Why? Though the KG-35 torque pipe increases the bottom to lower mid power deliver over the stock pipe it falls flat at upper rpms and gets to the point where rolling on any more throttle produces more noise but not a meaningful amount of additional power. The port timing, compression etc is different enough between the 200 and 220 that the torque pipe, which was originally designed for the 200, doesn't perform well across the entire rpm range. Because of this FMF only lists the KG-30 for the 220 which does increase power everywhere with considerably more punch from the lower midrange on up. They don't want to sell pipes that don't make more power everywhere.

Now that's not to say the KG-35 is not usable on the 220. Depending on your riding conditions, style etc it might be just what you are looking for. I've ridden in the Calgary area enough times to know that the KG-30 rev pipe with proper jetting, 13:50 or 12:47 gearing and some modification to the air box lid works better for ME. The torque pipe doesn't make enough power at higher rpms for some of the longer loose uphill climbs. In the areas where you are plunking along in 1st to 3rd gear climbing over un-uniform rock formations and working to avoid a sudden surge of power that my through you off course the trq might be just what YOU'RE looking for. It's a personal choice that only you can make.

If your pipe is physically smaller than your friends you have a trq pipe and your buddy a rev pipe (assuming you both have a KDX). Try your buddy’s bike and compare it to yours. If you prefer the rev pipe you may be able to exchange yours with the dealer, after all the only pipe FMF lists for your bike is the KG-30 ;).

Given your location with the trq pipe installed and the snorkel removed I'd try a 42 pilot jet, 140 main with the stock jet needle in the second from the top clip position. Be sure to do a plug reading at WOT to insure you aren’t running lean. You can find instruction on the JustKDX web page under carb tuning.

The Fatty, Burly and Gnarly pipe are all exactly the same profile but FMF has changed the name of the pipes over the last 2 or 3 years. The size is dependent on whether it's a rev pipe or a torque pipe not which name FMF is using this year.

There's a pile of KDX owner is the Calgary area who own KDXs, chances are good you’ll meet up with some on the trails.



Mar 26, 2001
since posting this question,I've lowered my needle on my 01'kdx220r,went to a 142main and modified my airbox.I run the gnarly torque(kg35) and my buddy has the rev(kg30)currently on a 99' kdx220r.We went riding last weekend at limestone mt.(about 4000ft)and opened them up on the flats neck to neck.It was only in 6th gear we saw any difference at all.He pulled away from me slowly, but not much difference.We swapped bikes and mine seemed to pull a little better on the lower end.He didn't do any mods to the jetting at all.:)
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