Oct 28, 1999
I bought my 99 200 a while ago, and only afterwards realized that it is running a Prox piston and conrod kit. From previous posts it appears to me that the Kawasaki piston might be the best bet on the 200'erds, and maybe a Prox or Wiseco on the 220's

What exactly it the difference between the Prox and other makes. Any pros/cons that I should be aware off with the next piston change ?


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Mar 28, 2001
pro x dosent make a 220 piston, too bad I'd rather have a pro x than a wiseco. anyway the pro x is a great piston and you have nothing to worry about, the stock and pro x are both made by A.R.T., so are they the same??? don't know, but I've had good luck with pro x, and put them in most all dirtbike engines I build, except the 220 cuz pro x aint got'em.

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