Questions regarding buying a used Gas Gas

May 2, 2000
Hell All,
I've got a couple questions regarding a used bike I'm considering. The bike is a 2000 Gas Gas XC250 purchased new in last April and ridden for one season by a Class A rider. The bike is equipped with alot of little extras like: barkbusters, pipe gaurd, skid plate, improved radiator gaurds, and even a trip computer. I currently ride a 94 KTM EXC 250 and a 94 KDX. I am concidering consolodating to one newer bike.I can purchase the GG for $3500. The plastic is not in great shape but It would not be after a few rides anyway. I do not race, I ride tight trails, some very technical stuff and long loose steep hill climbs and weight 225lb. Another concern is that I do not have a GG dealer within 75-100 miles.

The questions are: 1) Is there anything special I should check or be concerned with in buying this bike? I do not know GGs.
2)Are these reliable bikes?
3) will this bike be a major improvement over the other two bikes

any feedback is appreciated,
the Woodchuck
Dec 23, 2000
I bought a used 99 EC 250 over a year ago...what a great bike. Don't worry about the dealer network, when I bought my bike the closest dealer was 120 miles away and didn't carry much in the way of inventory. I received a lot of help and information about Gas Gas bikes from Steve at MotoWest in Brea, CA. He has a complete inventory of parts. I've also bought parts from Smackover Motorsports...great people. When I rode a Suzuki the dealer had to order everything anything.

If you're buying the bike from a Class A rider I would definitely change the top-end and check the wheel bearings. The damaged plastic shouldn't be hard to replace, Gas Gas prices on plastic are very reasonable (rear fender and side panels are KX plastic).

Regarding your specific questions:
I'm not aware of any specific problems to be concerned with when considering purchasing a used Gas Gas. High quality components just last longer. My bike has been very reliable. Other than normal maintenance I've only had to replace the kickstand bracket. Would this bike be a major improvement over a 94 KTM EXC 250/ 94 KDX? There is no comparison. Granted the Gas Gas has six years of technology on its side, but it is just a superior machine...IMO

For $3500.00 I'd have bought it yesterday...what's the owners phone number?
Apr 7, 2000
Just like buying an other used bike check it over really well. I'd do a compression check and a leak down test. Steve at MotoWest and Jim at Smackover Motorsports can supply you with all your needs. Jim has a massive inventory of parts. I also bought my used from a "A" rider and the bike was very well maintained. In fact I bought it from a DRN member who lives in Oregon. Talk to Jim and Steve and you'll see just how reasoniable parts are.

My bike has been totally bullet proof to date! Go for it $3500.00 is a great deal for a 00 EX250
Good luck

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May 2, 2000
Thanks for your replies. I'm going to take a closer look at the bike tonight or tommorrow night. I mis-spoke the bike turns out to be a 99 purchased in April of 00. One more question can this bike run on pump gas or does it need race gas?
thanks in advance,
the Woodchuck
Sep 22, 2000
Hey woodchuck,I run 92 octane alcohol free pump gas in my 98 250 EC.It runs great.Just this past fall i replaced the top end for the first time.I've been riding and raceing for 30+ years and the GAS/GAS is by far the best motorcycle i've ever owned.


Jun 25, 2000
I'm not spaming, I just bought two KTMs and
need to sell these. Thanks !

Originally posted by Ivan Liechty:
So is that spam cooked, fried or raw?

(Yup it IS - Patman)

Jun 6, 2000
Check the basic stuff like any other bike. Linkage seems to stay tight better than average, good seals. Brake pedal can get sloppy, but rides on a replaceable bronze bushing. If the plastic is bad, its cheaper than average to replace(OEM Hebo plastic). Engines seem to stay tight as well, and top end parts are fairly inexpensive. If there is a weak spot its the Zoke forks. They require frequent service to avoid problems, but can be made to work very well in technical terrain. Hard anodizing will eliminate this. Overall, the bikes are very well built from quality components and cost less to maintain than a KTM. If there is no obvious problem, go for it. Good Luck.

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Jul 29, 1999
Hey Woody...
You might consider calling Jim Cook at Smackover Motorsports and asking him what to look for. Jim is a GasGas dealer and a real stand up guy who will tell you whatever he knows.

Hope this helps.

Scott Wilson
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Dec 23, 2000
I use to live in Rowlett, right across the lake from Rockwall. Is King's Creek MX Park still open for riding? I raced a couple of TCCRA races there in '93 & '94 and had a lot of fun. Just curious...thanks.

May 2, 2000
Thanks for all the input. I certainly haven't heard of anyone who is not happy with his/her GG. I'm still a on the fence with them due to my lack of mechanic skills and the lack of local expertise. I'll let you know if I go GG. The other option I am considering is a left over 00 EXC 250.

thanks again,
the WoodChuck


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Oct 13, 1999
woodchuck - I bought a used '98 EC250 from old timer. While I have only gone play riding a couple of times, I am very pleased with the performance of this bike. Like you I was concerned about the lack of dealers in my area (nearest one is 150 miles away). I have found more than enough help and information on the net from other websites and owners.