Apr 2, 2001
I had a bad crash the other day a my left rad took a good hit. THis side was already bent a little, but now it's leaking from the top tank . Someone (old owner)already glued it with some stuff to fix the leak but that old glue is now off(i scraped it off and thats where the leak is). My question is what type of Aluminum glue/silicone>high heat< can i use. I know this isn't the proper way to fix it but i dont want to spend much on my rad. My dad keeps telling me to take it into a radiater repair shop and have it sodered>(spelt wrong i think). I dont want to pay a shop to do this. Whats my options to fixing this?. I'll post a picture of where it's leaking from.

Any help would be great:)click here for picture
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David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Your father is right. However;

You can effect a permanent repair with epoxy resin. Better to use Devcon which has a higher temp spec, but garden variety araldite will work just fine.

I never really respected my father’s job as a dentist until he showed me how to plug a leak using dental tool to cut the hole enough to work some epoxy in so that it mushrooms on both sides thus can’t fall out. Has to dry for at least a full day. Make sure to use a solvent to clean the area first.

Best if you can rubber bung both ends & have a tire valve in one end, chuck the set up in a bucket & pump it up a bit looking for leaks.

If you have a tear you will have to get it welded but find a person who likes welding thin ally.

PS beware of rad leak ‘fix in a can’ solutions that will reduce the efficiency of your cooling.
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