May 9, 2007
From ADVrider...

Well, alas, the final poker run is in the bag until 2008. If you were there, you know it was a hoot. It was my first time riding with other folks and being passed by very fast people. It was also interesting to note, again, that some ATV riders have no respect for anyone. For example, there are a total of two poker runs per year. To miss this fact that today there was a poker run with a well marked route would take a complete act of retardation-as exemplified.

Story goes like this. I am rolling some hill on the west side of Rampart when I come up on two huge ATV's. You know the kind that are designed to pull cows out of ravines. Of course they are doing about 5mph. Of course the dude on top is wearing spectacular protective gear-sunglasses. And of course he is on a well marked course for the poker run. Either he was being a total ass or just an idiot. I vote idiot with the display of genius.

Ok, off of soapbox.

The run was a success with only one medivac. (really people, ride your own ride...) Anyhow, I am sure the Rampart folks raked it in as designed-and I am very happy for them. The RRMC does a great job creating a riding area everyone can enjoy-even rednecks. The trails are, for the most part, pretty good. I would love to see more single-track, but again, I doubt much would survive unless many barricades were placed.

At the end there was a "raffle". I put this in quotations as much was given out without a ticket. Different, but kept things lively. There were a number of kids there-yay! COHVCC was there and some free sound testing (mine passed with 85DB's). On a side note, the sound guy himself said 4t's were lounder given they produce more pressure waves. :lol3 . I will take my old 2T. On another side note, there were ton of loud bikes there-and I mean loud. Yet, I saw no MX stars or people that were so fast, it just blew you away. Nor did I see a bike speed away so fast as to give the impression that loud pipes do great things. But hey, close trails, piss people off, annoy me. I don't care. I passed at 85DB :)

Well if you have read this far, you are looking for pictures.

Here is the link.

As for my personal experience, I truly enjoyed one way trails! No worries about some rider bombing down towards you as you are traversing a hill. I wouldn't mind seeing some trails designated one-way on the weekends or something. I know that opens a hole hive of issues...but....

The KDX only had one breakdown-a lost kick-stand. No matter as I was given one at the "raffle". My thanks to Tony, Trevor and the gang for shouting out my story.

The KDX no doubt is a pig on tight trails. Yet, it makes you pick an accurate line. It will not power, brake or steer you out of a bad decision. Should I get on a newer dirt bike, no doubt would it blow my mind. Still, I will take my piggy bike with everready enging rarely needing a rebuild.

Today was another change-I ran my pre-mix at about 20:1. For the record my plug did not foul, birds did not fall out of the sky and the bike had more power. Just my opinion. With that ratio, I am done with expensive two-stroke oil. I am heading straight to Wal-mart. :)

As for the two-stroke experience, sure there is little engine breaking. But then again, there is little engine breaking. Less need to choose a gear on the downhill, no surprise slow downs. One can just focus on speed up or no speed up. Plus there is nothing like being on the pipe!:clap

Ok, I am done bloviating. Enjoy the pics.

Over and out!
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