Feb 2, 2006
The problem is that its a KDX and they all sound like that with the engine in stock form. With the stock pipe the rattle is even louder
I have had at one time two kdx 220's one 200 and one of the 220's had the cylinder plated,porting and squish band milled. the stock motors rattled at idle the performance motor sounds like a 250 two stroke at idle. dont worry just ride. know that the stock 220 piston is known for casting flaws. This why the one 220 got all the performance mods, it chunked a piston broke and the case. There is a wide inconsistency among 220 pistons some have got good service some have not. the 200 however does not suffer the same issue.


Sep 6, 2007
Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to hear that I don't have to stick a bunch of money into the motor trying to get rid of that noise, when it is normal for the KDX. Other than the noise, it runs great.


Nov 26, 2007
Sounds like mine too, I think my sounds more like a diesel than that, stuff it, just ride it till something happens, if it ever does???
Mine goes like a cut cat so I figure how can a bike go so well for so long yet still sound like the piston is loose, its still got to be good.
Ive been told not to let them idle too long , apparantly not too good for two strokes.
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