Rear end kicking out on jumps question


Jun 21, 2001
I've been getting my kicks lately on a step up jump (I think thats what their called) that sends me about 30ft at low altitude before landing. So ok, my question is: sometimes I think I must be making steering changes just before launch or something because often the rear will kick out while I'm in the air. Most of the time its really minor, but every once and a while the bike will land like that and act nervous.. and that makes ME nervous!
What should I do (or not do) when I notice the rear kicking out like that. To me it seems like there isnt time to do anything while I'm in the air, but thats just because of inexperience? I'm guessing that when you are jumping relaxed it seems like theres all the time in the world- to dab the brake maybe.. to double check the landing zone.. look over your shoulder.. to check your cell phone for messages.. etc.
Anyway, what should I do to correct for this happening. I'm tired of taking soil samples!!
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Mar 14, 2001
You should try different lines on that jump especially if it is heavily used. When and if the rear end does kick out you should try gripping the bike with your knees off the jump face and try to keep the bike straight. If you end up landing with the back end kicked hold the throttle WFO the bike will either stand straight up or go down its also faster that way.

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Sep 26, 1999
Gripping the bike with your knees before and during the jump will help keep it from kicking sideways. It is really surprising how much of a difference that makes.

Most of the times when I get sideways it's because I hit a rut on the jump face a little off-center and it pushed the rear end sideways on takeoff. Once I do get sideways in the air, I try to get the front down and land on the front tire with the wheel pointed straight in the direction I want to go...the rear tire will follow. It's tough to make yourself land on the front wheel when you're out of shape, but I've actually had pretty good luck doing so.

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