Remember Matt Bigos?


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
From Matt Bigos' post at Motodrive:

Some of you out there might not know who I am, so heres a little reminder. I am the kid that was in the car crash with Travis Pastrana this summer. I am still in therapy and actually signed up for school last week but had to withdrawl yesterday. Everything is still progressing good just VERY slow. Things slowed down at christmas time because I got a kidney infection and spent five days in the hospital. But I have gotten over that and started therapy again. On Monday I went to Shands Hospital in Gainesville to see a therapist about a research program and she is going to let me into their program. I will have to move to Gainesville for about 9 weeks while I am in the program but it should be very good for me. The program is a clinical research trial, so hopefully it will not only help me, but they can learn from me to help others in the future. If everything goes well when I am done with the program I should be almost back to normal and hopefully I can be back on a bike some time in April (thats the goal at least?). Once again I have to say thanks to everyone out there that has helped me get through this and thanks to Pro Circuit and Thousand Oaks Yamaha for standing by me