Ride report ... TNT 4/15/01


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TNT is near Chester SC. A "must ride" place. www.tntmotorsportsinc.com

Shin Ichi and I went up on Saturday evening to meet up with Ivan for a fun night of camping.
When we arrived, the gates were locked and Ivan was nowhere to be found! (we apparently misunderstood his post and he did not plan on camping out. (wuss :p )

We found a motel about 15 minutes from TNT, quashed a few beers and had a good night's sleep.

[Side note to Shin's girlfriend .... He did'nt SNORE a bit!]

We arrived at the track around eight-fifteen and the gates were still locked! I called the number on the sign and spoke with Barbara Parrish. She told us that they did not open until 10am, but that she and Jimmy had a late night babysitting Ivan and Gomer at the HLG zoo! Barbara told me to stay put and she would be right there to let us in early! :)

(Having been to TNT before, this did not come as a shock. They are a couple of the most wonderful people that I have ever met.)

After about 15 - 20 minutes, Barbara arrived with a big smile to boot! We sat a talked with her for quite a while (the three of us had a common love of an intelligent political discussion ... she is very much "on top of things"). After telling her of our plite during the 5 hour drive (should have only taken 3), and how we were about 10 minutes out of Columbia (the "Hill Folk" from GA would have been skeered of some of the places that we saw on that road), before we realized where we actually were going (directions courtesy of Ivan). Barbara told us about the "WILD" night with the farm animals at, Rancho Gomer'o (she has pics of Ivan doing a "chippandale routine" :p ).

Anyway ......
We suited up and headed out on the trails. The trails were impeccable! Jimmy had redone them since my last visit (i thought that they were great then). Very nice mix of twisty, sandy single track, creek crossings, elevation changes and some open stuff. Shin Ichi has just recently returned to the world of dirtbikes and proved to be a competent pilot on his pristeen '97 KDX.

It rained for about an hour. We ate lunch and went back out. Shin talked me into taking a lap around the MX track. He actually passed me on a double!

The trails had become very slick, especially ont the clay sections. I was sticking to Jimmy's DRz (i finally got new meats for the YZ) back tire. I was surprised at the "tackiness" of the trails after the rain, and regained the "zone" that I had earlier. After about a mile or so, I realized that Shin Ichi had dissappeared. I turned back to make sure that all was well. The stock dunlops on his bike were no match for these conditions. Shin had made the wise decision to fore-go injury and return to the truck.

If you aren't bored yet I will give the tale of the rest of the day, including the arrival of Ivan's "Blue Piglet"


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Part 2....

As I was searching for Shin, I see that Ivan and friends (Payday2 and Kim) had finally arrived (3:30pm). I say hello and go back to the truck to find my riding partner. Now that I know he is OK, I do as the High Lord requested and grab my official "Gomer Pokin' Stick" and head over to Ivan's truck to give him a poke! :p After putting up some resistance, I was able to get a good poke in, he subsequently "confiscated" my stick! :(

Jimmy and the others were too far gone to cath up to, so I hung around while the others suited up. Being the "true" gentleman that Ivan is ... His wife has better riding gear than his (i think that his are hand me downs from Marty Tripes). Payday and Kim are really cool and they both can ride very well. Ivan's wife is progressing very well on her Suzuki, I think it is only her second or third time on the bike.
After what seems to be an eternity, Ivan has finally gotten his Spandex riding outfit on and we are ready to hit the trail.
Ivan asks me to take the lead (the women decided to stay on the "GP" style course). I can hear the blue piglet right behind me, I am going at a pretty good pace (it is still pretty slick). After a twisty downhill single track section, I now hear a two stroke behind me instead of Ivan's thumpette, I turn to see who it is. Ivan and Shin Ichi are nowhere to be seen but Payday's Kawie is on my knobbies. Turning to look was a big mistake, when I turned back around I see a small wooden bridge that crosses a creek. I am going a little too fast (for wet muddy tires on wood), the bike starts to slide so I give it a little blast of the throttle to try and straighten it up. WRONG ANSWER!!
Instead, the rear end just slides out. Payday gets to see my famous "boot" turn/slide and fall. The same one from the MWSF last year! I pick up the bike and get it restarted. There is still no sign of Ivan or Shin, I let Johnny go by (at his insistance) and wait a few moments to see where they are. After about a minute, I decide that they are big boys and try to catch up to Payday. No dice, he is flying (I thought he was a MXer), I can hear him but could never get close enough to see him. I finish the loop and go back to the truck.
There I find Ivan and Shin. Apparently, they both have the same crappy tires and were just sliding all over the place so they went to the MX course.
I got a "wild" hair to attempt some jumps. Man I was catching some "serious" air time, having a blast. Doing my best to ride like MC! Oh yeah ... did I mention that this was on the "Kiddie MX" track? :p

It was now around 5:00pm, Shin and I needed to head back to GA. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing Ivan again as well as meeting Payday and Kim. I hope to see them again at the MWSF.



Shin ichi

Hey all,

Wrench, thanks for your expertise in (1) navigating deep, dark, and lost South Carolina backroads. And (2) for guiding me through the great trails at TNT. I had a blast!

Those new Michelins you put on were really hooking up. I had to stay further back than I could have just to avoid the high velocity possessed roost eminating from your back tire. ;) At least thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!

TNT is a great facility and Jimmy and Barbara are wonderful people. It was my pleasure to have met them. I whish I could say it was my pleasure to ride with Jimmy, but that DRZ was hooking up way to good in the mud.

Can't wait until the Suthin' Spewfest!

...faster than a speeding..., well not really.
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Great report guys, wish I could have made it. I was seriously thinking of going, but that would have put me away from home for dirtbiking, ever single weekend this month. Had I done that, I may have headed home after the SS to find no wife :o

Tim, '99EC200, '01TXT200

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Dang... I got to head to Atlanta for work so I don't have time to defend myself.

Ohh, Wrench you are going to pay.

BTW, Wrench, I don't have your work number if you get this today before noon give me a call on my cell.

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Sorry Ivan, did not get it in time.

Number is:
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Wow...talk about being late to the party. :-)

It was good meeting Wrench and Shin Ichi, along witKalitude and Kevin the day before.

On Saturday the conditions of the trails were perfect. On Sunday, it was a mess. I hate riding in mud. I was following Ivan, and, getting pounded with mud from the piglet. When he went down, he was laughing, so I knew he was ok and I kept going. I wanted to get out of the personal hell I was in (hate riding in mud). Every corner I braked in the mud would fly up and go down my jersey. Wrench slid out (it was sssooooo greasy), but was ok. I asked for him to let me by (he was waiting for Ivan) and I just got the hell out of there. Did I mention how much I hate mud? ;-)
Wrench was moving out. I had a good jump on him and I heard the mighty Yammie a couple times when the trail zig-zaged back and forth next to itself.

Once out of the woods I was back to my element...a MX track that was in perfect shape. Tacky, no dust, and groomed just days before. I was enjoying life once again.

Wrench and Shin Ichi had to leave soon after, and it was too bad we didn't get to do more riding together. Too bad you guys didn't make it Saturday, the trails were as close to perfect as you'll ever see.

Later in the day on Sunday Ivan was a mad man on the MX track. Let's just say there wasn't a double that was safe from the flying piglet. I almost have Ivan fully converted to the darkside (MX...screw those trails!...LOL).

Kim got bored with the kids track and was riding the big track on Sunday. She was kicking herself for not going out there on Saturday. I almost had to drag her off the track and back to the track so we could leave!

Until next time...



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