One Dollar

Mar 15, 2001
I went out riding Sunday here in Florida and it was brutally hot. A buddy of mine e-mailed me with this story after I left. I thought I would share.

"...I was riding through the pit in the front with the lunatics on my way to the woods and noticed some 14 year old kid on a YZ125 going nuts- wide open and not letting off! He turned off and headed towards the cars, but he started riding slow and unstable, he just fell over on his left side. I knew he didn't crash- he was riding too good- but he wasn't getting up either.

I went over because no one else seemed to be concerned, and I found him almost unconscious- breathing fast and unresponsive. I yanked his helmet off, picked him up and started to carry him to the parking lot- his father saw me carrying him and must have thought that I'd hit him or something because he seemed angry at first before he realized what was going on.

We put him in his truck with the a/c on full blast and poured cold water on him- his wife called 911- Brooksville FD and paramedics came within ten minutes. He was in the ambulance for about another fifteen minutes, the FD told us that Life Flite had been called because his temp was almost 106 and wasn't coming down as it should- even with all of the ice packs and water that they were pouring on his head and legs. The chopper landed in the field behind the hotel- his father jumped in and it took off just as fast as it landed.
Another guy and myself helped his wife load up their bikes so she could take off- they live in Tampa- paramedics said that chopper was going to All Children's.

His mother left a message on my machine this afternoon saying that his temperature finally came down around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and that he is awake and alert, but that they are keeping him for observation and testing until they are sure or know if any brain damage has been done. "

Please be careful and don't push yourself too hard in the heat, rest and drink frequently


Nov 4, 2000
Absolutely -

I am pretty used to the heat, riding here in AZ for the last several years. You just have to force yourself to get off the track and take longer breaks with plenty of water or gatorade or whatever. You just have to remind yourself that you are dehydrated before you actually feel it. A drink system is not even a half bad idea if you like to pound the laps. And wear the lightest color gear you can find ( preferably vented ).:)


Aug 2, 2001
Thanks for that One dollar! I often find myself getting exhausted, but never think much of it! I will be going for water more often!

ps, nice work on getting him to the truck in time:D
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