Apr 24, 2000
I alway's have trouble riding in the sand, just can't seem to stay going fast around corners and up hill, I just sink into the sand. any info


Feb 2, 2001
A good rule of thumb for sand is to try to keep your momentum up. The sand just drains speed and power from the bike, which makes it hard to accelerate fast. In addition, anytime you let off the throttle the bike sinks in the sand and slows down. Stopping distance can be reduced using this. Keeping speed up helps to keep you on top of the sand and from wasting power. Try to keep a little throttle on at all times except when braking.

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Nov 7, 2000
Those are some good tips. I havve been riding in the sand a lot lately. I'm still a beginer and applying those tips will help out. It has for me. It has been wet so the sand has good traction. That will change as it dries out. Do as search in this forum for sand cornering or even sand. There are some good discussions on the subject. I would also suggest that you stay out of other people tracks or any deep ruts. I got into a situation like that last weekend that I rode and it realy started to throw the back end around. I was much smoohter after I got out of that rutted area. Fortuantly, it was wide enough.

94 dirt only DR350


Aug 8, 1999
Correct, fresh tires make a big difference, as does lower air pressure.

Being on a 125 I guess I don't have to tell you to keep it pinned WFO...

Letting off the gas will cause the front end to knife in, even if you have your weight back. Stay on the gas at all times, then use slightly less gas to lose speed, but stay on the gas and on top of the sand.

The bike will move around underneath you, so just go with the flow and hang on loosely. If you get into whoops, keep your front wheel up and hit things mainly with the rear wheel. If you let your front end get low when landing in the sand then back off the throttle, you have a sure-fire way to dig the front end in and get tossed off the front or over the side.

Hope this helps, TexKDX.


Mar 22, 2001
So far everyone has cover all of the basic tips of successful sand riding besides one really important detail... being smooth! on a 125 it is especially hard to keep it moveing on uphills, thats why it is recommended to ride a larger displacement in the sand. be as smooth as possible though. try to keep wheel-spin to a minimum, start slow and smooth- at least until you become experienced in the sand. keep your weight back, and make small corrections, and wide turns. (where possible.)
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