Aug 26, 2020
I have 2005 rm125 I purchased a couple months ago. The clutch was fried when I bought it and I didn’t realize until the 4th ride or so, i brought it into the shop and had a brand new clutch+basket and everything put it cost around $700. The day i got it back I went riding and it was running and riding perfect. The next day it gave me a little trouble starting but i got it going and took it out only for it to die after about 15 mins and it has not started since. Figured it was carb took it off cleaned everything out put back together still no start and didtn even seem like it wanted to start. Got a chinese carb off amazon with good reviews put that an adjusted it and still wont start or even get the sound of wanted to start. No clogs in airfilter of fuel lines or anything, new air filter, fresh oil change, brand new gas (93%)32:1, brand new NGK Spark plug. Push starting didnt work either. No clogs in the exhaust. Im stumped please help me!!!!!!


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
You need spark, gas and air for an engine to run. One or more of these is not there. Is the plug wet with gas? Is there a spark? Do you have compression? Are the reeds sealing completely?

If it ran fine before I would suspect an electrical issue. Check for a spark first.

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