running problem


Jan 14, 2004
i just picked up this kx, the dealer had running i rode it around the lot and got it home and cant get it started. its about 25 degrees here, i have a #165 jet in it, iput my commpresion tester on it kicked it a kew times and my guage read 175lbs. i put a new br8es ngk in. it looks like gas running out around the pipe seal on the head.i have spark and the plug has fuel on it. i need help.


Jan 5, 2002
Sounds like you flooded it. Hold the kill switch in, throttle wide open, and kick 15-20 times (this will serve to pump some of that excess fuel out of the cylinder). Put in a new plug and try to start it. You'll need to hold the throttle wide open when trying to start it too if its been flooded. You can check your spark plug by pulling it out of the head, reattaching it to its boot, and laying the end of it against the cylinder, then kicking the engine over. You're looking for a fat blue spark.